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Ouril Hotels is a hotel brand of the Mendes & Mendes group, which has four hotels: Ouril Pontão and Ouril Julia, in the city of Santa Maria a Sal, while on the island of Boavista there are Ouril Agueda and Ouril Boa Vista in the city of Sal-Rei.

We have bet on hotels with quality service where the service excels for the friendliness and cleanliness of the spaces. We also have spacious rooms with a modern and pleasant style for those on vacation or traveling for work and want to feel comfortable and well received.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde, officially the Republic of Cape Verde, is an archipelago formed by ten volcanic islands in the central region of the Atlantic Ocean. The islands of the archipelago, and in particular Boavista and Sal, are surrounded by beautiful white beaches, rocky deserts and even a natural desert of Sahara sand (Viana desert). Cape Verde is a natural nesting reserve of Caretta Caretta sea turtles of global importance and a destination for the migration of North Atlantic humpback whales.


Cape Verde has among the most beautiful white sandy beaches of the Atlantic. The Santa Monica beach in Boavista is the longest in the country. Do not miss the spectacle of caves and salt pans dotted along the coasts.


The biodiversity of the archipelago includes the Caretta Caretta turtles, the Megattere whales, many endemic birds and tropical plants typical of the dry climate and a varied marine fauna.


Our hotels offer quality services for your relaxation, with proposals for excursions around the islands or days of tranquility in the various beach clubs.


Cape Verde offers spectacular places for excursions, water sports, live music every night and various local festivals all year round.


  • Cachupa

    The typical Cape Verdean dish

  • Lobster

    A tasty and refined dish

  • Goat cheese

    A product of our farmers' land

  • Grilled fish

    Tuna, barracuda, dolphinfish and many others

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